Is Maine in Canada?

In season 7, episode 4 of the cult comedy “Trailer Park Boys,” Bubbles, the show’s cat-loving moral compass with Coke-bottle glasses, is stranded outside his Canadian homeland. Desperate for help he makes a collect call back to Nova Scotia. “Julian!” he shouts into the payphone, “I’m in Bangor, Maine!” For many people in the Canadian […]

The Last Five Years

If two notes can at once be in perfect harmony but dissonant at the same time, that is what The Last Five Years does. Showing at the Bangor Opera House for one more night, Penobscot Theatre Company’s production is about a couple’s relationship told from the unique perspective of one character moving forward through time […]

How to cope with the end of summer

“No regrets.” -Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights Something hard to miss happens every spring. Unlike Easter or Washington’s birthday, the date isn’t fixed, but it’s still a cause for celebration. It’s the first warm day. Usually sometime in March, suddenly it’s 50 or better. The sun is out. Not the low, blinding sun of February, […]

Stop me before I buy parachute pants for my kids

G.I. Joe, Transformers,  Reading Rainbow, boomboxes, Atari, and parachute pants: my generation loves nostalgia. And we should, we learned from the masters. Throughout the retro 80s, baby boomers nursed an obsession with their own youths with shows like “The Wonder Years,” and movies like “La Bamba,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Peggy Sue got Married,” and “Back to […]